Monday, November 10, 2008


The first scout squad is done. Some fine old models in this squad, Rogue Trader-era scouts led by a veteran in Mk1 "Thunder" armor. I love these figures, with their poofy sleeves and their mohawks. I think the mohawks really give them character, hearkening back to GW's more "punk" days (and Rogue Trader's awesome "No Future" aesthetic), but also making them reminiscent of renowned WWII US paratrooper demolitions section, "The Filthy Thirteen."

I might go back and add some warpaint to these guys to play up the "Filthy Thirteen" aspect.

Here's the sarge. A hoary veteran of the Unification Wars on Terra, he still wears a suit of Mk 1 armor, imparting his decades of combat experience to the Legion's zealous young recruits.

Said "zealous young recruits":

I'm still working out the best way to paint skin. For these guys I did a base of Tallarn Flesh, then Ogryn Flesh Wash, another coat of Tallarn Flesh, and then a highlight of Elf Flesh. I think it looks good from a distance, but is kind of iffy up close (maximize the pics and you'll see what I mean).

Next on the agenda, a basic captain and a tactical squad made up of lots of OOP metal models!

Monday, October 20, 2008

'Attack' is the only order worth remembering.

At last, I've completed some assault marines. Well, mostly completed; I still need to prime and paint their jump packs. Painting over a white undercoat after years of using black will take some getting used to. Every missed spot shows clear as day, which is very frustrating. I might actually prime the next batch black first and then prime white over top to give a bit more of a shading effect. The black wash and white drybrush worked pretty well, except for the areas where my primer came out a bit chalky (I stupidly used a bad can of GW white for the first spray, should have gone for Krylon from the get-go). Anyway, the scheme is simple enough, white is just really hard to make look good.

I'm probably happiest with this mk4 marine. I think the arms I gave him suit him very well, and his pose is really conducive to line highlighting, an effect I feel is far superior to drybrushing, but is very hard to get to look right on the smooth surfaces of power armor.

Mk3 with a plasma pistol, the first model I painted for this force. I feel like I should go back and do some highlights/touch-ups on this guy's gun, it's just Terracotta and Boltgun Metal with a Badab Black wash. I am happy with the blue coils, though (Asurmen Blue wash over white with an Ice Blue highlight).

Mk2 armor, kind of a weird, forward-leaning model, it will probably look more balanced with the jump pack attached. I used Chaos arms and pads to complete the "archaic" look.

The group shot. I still need to do some work on their bases (painting rocks and adding static grass) as well as painting squad markings and attaching legion symbol decals. All in due time, I suppose.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Updates shortly...

"Only the insane have strength enough to prosper; only those that prosper truly judge what is sane."

Halfway done with a test miniature.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Formative Stages of Unrelenting Brutality!!!

This thing is finally starting to look like a blog. The last post even received a comment! As promised, here are some pictures of what I have built so far.

First, here's 60% of my assault squad, assembled using GW's Armour Through the Ages collector's set. From left to right, mk2 'Crusade' armor, mk3 'Iron' armor, and mk4 'Maximus' armor. Note the Rogue Trader-era turbine jump pack in the foreground. I wisely ordered five back when they available from GW, but in retrospect I should have gotten at least 20 since they're no longer available. Bummer.

Next, we've got some tactical legionnaires, made from a mix of Loyalist and Chaos parts. They both have fixed bayonets for the inevitable charge into glorious (and brutal) close combat. I'm particularly psyched about the one on the left as he not only has a mk3 helmet (from the Iron Warriors box), he also has a chainsaw bayonet! This isn't meant as some homage to Gears of War, though. That particular bit dates back to 1987 and the first ever box of plastic Space Marines (RTB01 - affectionately known as the "beakies") produced by GW! Back then, you got 30 marines for $30.00! I have to extend my deepest thanks to my friend Ryan for providing me with some ancient and excellent bitz.

A shot of Brother Choppy all by himself:

In the grim darkness of the far future, excessive chainsaws lift everyone's spirits (and turn one's enemies into a fine red mist).

If I can locate a can of white primer, I may even have some painting pics for next week!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lost in the Warp

I was hoping to update with some assembly pictures tonight, but the package I was counting on to arrive today didn't. I guess that will have to wait until later in the week. In the meantime, here's my first army list. I'm using Codex: Blood Angels to represent the World Eaters during their Loyalist days. This is for several reasons:

  • Codex: Blood Angels is available for free on the Games Workshop website.
  • They can take Assault Squads as Troops choices.
  • The Death Company rules are perfect to represent legionnaires that have undergone Angron's psycho surgery.
  • Codex: Blood Angels is available for free on the Games Workshop website.

There are certain limitations I'm imposing on the list due to the Pre-Heresy theme. No Venerable Dreadnoughts, Baal Predators, Razorbacks, or Land Raider Crusaders. Autocannon Predators only. Minimal assault cannons, with plasma cannons only mounted on vehicles. Most likely no Chaplains or Librarians.

I plan to build an initial force of 500 points and expand in chunks of 250-500 points. Blood Angels marines are slightly overcosted to reflect the fact that certain squads provide you with free Death Company models. This means my starting army will be quite small, which is good because it will make painting very easy!

Army List - 500 points
1 Captain (HQ) @ 125 pts
-Power fist

Tactical Squad (Troops) @ 180 pts
4 marines, flamer (x1)
Veteran Sergeant
-Pintle-mounted storm bolter
-Hunter-killer missile

Assault Squad (Troops) @ 195 pts
4 marines, plasma pistols (x2)
Veteran Sergeant
-Power fist

Models in Army: 12

The Captain will ride with the Tactical Squad in the Rhino. That way both squads have a power fist supporting them. The army should be quite mobile between the jump packs of the Assault Squad and the Rhino's over-charged engines (another perk of the Blood Angels list). I'll probably be horribly outnumbered most of the time, but that just makes my guys look heroic (and insane) as they charge gleefully into the fray against insurmountable odds.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Get Psyched!

A bit of history for you. Once upon a time, members of English death metal band Bolt Thrower were really into Games Workshop games, and once upon a time, the dudes at Games Workshop were really into metal. The result of this fortuitous meeting of the minds? Bolt Thrower's second studio album, Realm of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness. It was a concept album dedicated to Warhammer 40,000 and even used the cover art from Rogue Trader!

Anyway, that brings us to the purpose of this post, a catchy little number entitled, "World Eater." Enjoy!

Watch This Space (Crusade)...

Oh, hello.

I've been collecting miniatures and playing Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000 game on and off since 1996. Twelve years. There's something remarkable about that twelve-year span (well, maybe only remarkable to 40K nerds, but still...). The remarkable thing is that I've never collected a Space Marine army. The closest I've come was some brushes with Chaos here and there (Thousand Sons in the late 90s, Iron Warriors in the early 00s), but never Loyalists. They just never appealed to me; too shiny, too heroic, too "1337." I started with Tyranids in 2nd edition, then played Orks for 3rd and 4th, finally settling on the Vostroyan Imperial Guard two years ago. I like hordes of grunts: regular joes squabbling over some unimportant backwater, only to die alone and unremembered in a ditch. After all, what better way to demonstrate the idea that "the Universe is a big place, and whatever happens, you will not be missed"?

Of course, somewhere around painting my 60th Vostroyan, my mind's eye began to wander. I had been planning on restarting my Orks, but I was in the mood for a more compact force, something resilient, something reliable. I wasn't about to start Necrons, so the only other option appeared to wear power armor. The question was, Chaos or Loyalist, spiky or not spiky? Unfortunately, I didn't feel strongly either way. Chaos is outwardly evil, reflecting what happens when man succumbs to his most base desires, while the Imperium is inwardly evil, a repressive totalitarian regime for whom the ends always justify the means, so long as order is preserved and the enemy vanquished. The way most people portray their Space Marines, that last point is usually lost in the Warp.

Something else that's been lost over the years is the image of the Space Marines from their Rogue Trader days. Maybe GW was just more "punk" back then, too fixated on 2000 A.D., but the Marines were a lot rougher around the edges. They weren't sci-fi knights templar, they were futuristic jackboots whose powered armor was adorned with graffiti like "Pray For Death" and "KIL KIL KIL" rather than purity seals and aquilas. I wanted an army that could harken back to that era. Not fixated on venerating the Emperor as a god, but merely on accomplishing whatever bloody task was at hand.

A recent fad among Space Marine players is collecting armies set during the days of the Emperor's Great Crusade and the subsequent civil war known as the Horus Heresy. It's a very interesting trend, since portraying an army accurately often requires extensive knowledge of both background material ("fluff") and modeling skill, as the number of "acceptable" models and "bitz" is quite limited, forcing Pre-Heresy enthusiasts to get creative. It's the closest thing 40K has to "historical" wargaming. Perhaps the most appealing thing about this era to hobbyists is the chance to build a force based around one of the infamous Chaos Legions before they turned coat and gave themselves to the Ruinous Powers. A Pre-Heresy army would be a challenge of my modeling skill and knowledge of the vast Citadel range.

It was decided. More than any other, there was one group of Marines that embodied the brutal attitude I craved while still fighting for the Imperium. It was my twelfth year in THE HOBBY, and thusly I would collect the XIIth Legion of the Adeptus Astartes, the World Eaters.

None of that red and gold Khornate nonsense for me. I'll take a nice blue and white scheme, thank you very much.

This blog will document the mustering of my World Eaters army: planning, purchasing, building, painting, and finally gaming. It will also serve from time to time as a personal soapbox for my thoughts on 40K and gaming in general.

Stay vigilant and stay tuned.