Monday, November 10, 2008


The first scout squad is done. Some fine old models in this squad, Rogue Trader-era scouts led by a veteran in Mk1 "Thunder" armor. I love these figures, with their poofy sleeves and their mohawks. I think the mohawks really give them character, hearkening back to GW's more "punk" days (and Rogue Trader's awesome "No Future" aesthetic), but also making them reminiscent of renowned WWII US paratrooper demolitions section, "The Filthy Thirteen."

I might go back and add some warpaint to these guys to play up the "Filthy Thirteen" aspect.

Here's the sarge. A hoary veteran of the Unification Wars on Terra, he still wears a suit of Mk 1 armor, imparting his decades of combat experience to the Legion's zealous young recruits.

Said "zealous young recruits":

I'm still working out the best way to paint skin. For these guys I did a base of Tallarn Flesh, then Ogryn Flesh Wash, another coat of Tallarn Flesh, and then a highlight of Elf Flesh. I think it looks good from a distance, but is kind of iffy up close (maximize the pics and you'll see what I mean).

Next on the agenda, a basic captain and a tactical squad made up of lots of OOP metal models!

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